About ME


Who Am I?

I'm Brian "B.J." Kang- Business Strategist, Sales, Marketing Consultant and Coach. My mission is to help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. If you are a business owner or solo entrepreneur that feels stagnant in your business and want to increase sales I will help you create, clarify and accomplish your business goals.  I have  10+ years of sales and marketing experience and the ability to not only get results for my clients, but also do it in a way that is empathetic and compassionate. 


  • Psychotherapists that want to grow their private practice so they can help more clients
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs that are experiencing the following:
    • Stagnant sales, revenue, and profit
    • Lack of time management
    • Disorganized business processes 
    • High employee turnover




When I achieved my goal of making a healthy six figure income as a sales representative I realized that I was not living my calling.  I wanted to make a bigger impact in my community and in the world.  Coaching was something that had always helped me get from an place of being stuck into achieving my goals. I also had a natural ability to deeply connect to others, empathize, listen and help people. After getting over the fear of leaving a secure job I made the leap and was trained at an International Coaching Federation accredited coaching program in Portland, OR- Coach Training World.  It is an amazing feeling to now coach others and help people move in positive directions in their personal and professional lives.